A Stranger in All Lands: Mercenaries in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Brepols Publishers, forthcoming 2021.

For centuries, mercenaries have been known to participate in warfare and crimes in return for pay. They have contributed to numerous historical and political events from antiquity until modern times. There is certainly much insight to gain from tracing the foundations of this profession in antiquity and its socio-political and cultural impacts on society. Looking at the earliest examples of mercenaries in antiquity, these external hires were essential tools for success, with lasting socio-economic impacts on local communities. The circulation of mercenaries further speaks to the wider mobility and migration of people in antiquity, as well as the events that triggered such movements. This book investigates the origins of the mercenary profession as early as the third millennium until its ubiquity in the fifth century BCE in the Aegean, Egypt and Levantine littoral, through archaeological and textual evidence that illuminates where, when and why mercenaries emerge in such environments.