My Research

I explore the material culture of the Classical and Hellenistic Eastern Mediterranean, especially on interconnectivity between the Aegean and Egypt. My recent fieldwork includes six seasons at the Athenian Agora and currently I excavate two Greco-Roman sites in Egypt, in the Fayyum (The Northeast Fayyum Lakeshore Project) and the Western Delta (Kom Wasit/Kom el-Ahmar). My research focuses on the exchanges and networks between the East and West and how these influences materialize in local communities and material culture, with a particular focus on weapons, ceramics and sculpture.

My past work investigated military and trade exchanges in the Mediterranean during the Bronze and Iron Age, including the causes and consequences of the Bronze Age collapse and the impacts on military hierarchies of the Early Iron Age in Greece.

My current book project expounds on these themes by exploring on the mercenary profession in the ancient world. I investigate the identification of mercenaries from their earliest appearances in the Bronze Age Near East until the sixth century BCE and how they can be archaeologically and textually traced within cross-cultural networks.